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Collana Fili d’erba
diretta da Alessandra Angelucci


Alberto Di Fabio

Translation by Lavinia Branca Snyder. Curated by Mattia Andrès Lombardo. Preface by Alessandra Angelucci. On the cover: Montagne, 1994, Acrylic on paper canvas, 130x90 cm. Courtesy: Galleria nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Roma.

| 15,00 € | pp. 88 | 12x18 | 978-88-94860-17-7 | in inglese


I have always thought that the moment of meeting is the most important for those who concern themselves with writing, who through the word, pursue the delicate goal of returning to the reader that which is not said, not accessible: the insurmountable. It is a journey into the other, which some journalistic pens can, at times, offer the tired reader. It is thus in art as well: the moment of meeting brings together the perimeters of two foreign existences whose eyes, interests and distinct voices meet in that in one instant. The artist and the journalist, have at their core, the subtle thread that we call “listening”.

Alessandra Angelucci